Friday, December 14, 2012

Vivint gives back.

My heart is very full. I have had a very rough couple of months. But things are looking up each new day. I am grateful to be alive and have a warm house to go to every night.

I had the most amazing experience this week. Have you ever heard of sub for Santa? Well, let me tell you a little about it. It's where a large group of people go shopping for children in need and then go and deliver it to the children. On Monday I went shopping for 2 kids in third grade. On their needs list it listed the following: toothpaste, tooth brushes, alarm clock, jacket, jeans, socks and simple things like that. Today we went to their school and was Santa's little elfs. I got to sit with little kids from ages 5-13 and watch them open their gifts. The faces on some of the kids were priceless I hope that picture I took in my head never goes away. One little boy asked me if I bought these for them, I told him its from Santa and how he really does listen and watch you. He looked at me with a little smile and said Santa is a good man cara. He came and gave me a little hug and said thank you for delivering this for Santa. Another little girl gave me a thank you card. Another little boy ha tears in his eyes because he got pencils. These are just a couple little things that happened to me today.

I feel so blessed to be able to serve these little kids who have tap on their shoes holding them together. Remember during this time of the year how important it is to serve the people around us and not think about what's in it for us. You will be blessed for the service you give people.

I love the holiday season and how warm my heart feels. It's full of joy and love.

Thank you Vivint for giving me this wonderful opportunity of serving little children in the salt lake area.

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Natalie said...

How fun!!! I love doing stuff like that!